With nearly 40 years of combined experience

We are one of the top personal injury law firms in Texas and have been recognized as one of the Top 10 National Aviation Trial Lawyers and one of the Top 10 Trucking Trial Lawyers. We have been representing accident victims for over 20 years in some of the largest and most complex types of cases. We have won more than $100 million dollars on the behalf of our clients.

Husain Law + Associates, P.C., based in Houston, Texas, is founded on the core principles of integrity, honesty, and zealous representation of its clients’ interests. Our firm’s practice covers an entire spectrum of legal areas, including personal injury law, motor vehicle accidents, aviation disasters, work-related injuries, wrongful death, corporate immigration, corporate litigation, and pharmaceutical litigation.

Husain Law + Associates, P.C. Has The Experience, Dedication, And Drive You Need To Succeed In Your Case. Contact Us Today For Legal Guidance And Advocacy You Can Rely On.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in an accident, you need the help of a personal injury attorney from The Husain Law Firm. An accident can cause major disruptions to our lives and can place tremendous emotional and financial burdens on us.

In the aftermath of an accident, an injured person may require medical treatment, be forced to miss work, and have to put their regular life on hold. A skilled Texas personal injury lawyer can minimize the damage caused by these unexpected events and can help the injured person get back on their feet.