What Causes Car Accidents?

Car accidents can have a serious impact on victims and their loved ones. They often cause injuries, which in turn result in accumulating medical bills, lost wages, and untold pain and suffering. Even worse, they can happen anywhere and to anyone. This is why vehicle owners need to understand what causes car accidents and how to protect themselves.

The economic, physical, and emotional impacts of a car accident can be far-reaching. Fortunately, you can seek compensation if you were not to blame for a crash. An expert Houston Car Accident Attorney can help you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

If you have been injured in the Houston area by a negligent driver, contact Husain Law to learn your rights.


Drivers make choices behind the wheel that could potentially endanger them and other drivers or road users. When these choices result in negligent acts, drivers can be sued for damages if they cause an accident. Some driver behaviors that could lead to a car accident include:

  • Distracted Driving – A distraction is anything that takes your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind off the task of driving. Common driver distractions include texting while driving, personal grooming, interacting with passengers, and adjusting car features.
  • Intoxicated driving – Driving while under the influence of alcohol or a drug is illegal. It reduces a driver’s response time, visibility, and control.
  • Drowsy driving – If a driver goes for too long without sleep, they can be as dangerous as a drunk driver behind the wheel. They will experience reduced reaction time and visibility.
  • Speeding – According to the NHTSA, speeding has contributed to one-third of all fatal accidents since 1995.

Mechanical Failure

Sometimes, the driver is not to blame for an accident. The causal factor could be a mechanical failure that caused the driver to lose control of their vehicle. Such failures could be the result of poor maintenance, manufacturing defects, and defective auto parts.

  • Poor maintenance – Includes driving with worn tires, axles, or brakes. Here, the driver or their mechanic can be held liable for an accident.
  • Manufacturing defects – Car companies can be responsible for accidents if the cause is established as a design or auto part flaw. Common defects include defective tires and faulty brake pads.

Environmental Factors

The cause of an accident can be present in the environment. Common factors include weather, traffic, and road conditions. In such cases, liability is not always apparent.

  • Weather conditions – On a foggy day, drivers will likely experience reduced visibility and likely cause an accident. The environmental cause then becomes secondary to the driver’s behavior.
  • Road conditions – If a state or county fails to maintain their roads in a safe condition, they can be held liable for accidents that happen on that road.


What causes car accidents? A car accident could be the result of a driver’s behavior or poor environmental conditions. It could also be caused by a mechanical failure due to poor maintenance or defective parts. In most cases, you can hold someone responsible for a car accident. This could be the driver, their mechanic, car manufacturer, or a government agency.

Once you have established who is liable for a crash, you can pursue financial damages. Contact Husain Law today to schedule an appointment with an experienced Houston Car Accident Attorney.




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