What Can They Take If You Are Being Sued for a Car Accident?

If you were involved in a car accident, you probably want to know what can they take if I’m being sued for car accident. The answer often depends on how your case settles. In a settlement process, the victim usually brings a claim against your insurance company. The alternative is a judgment where the victim sues you directly in court for damages.

Up to 95 percent of personal injury cases settle out of court. The same can be said for car accident cases. In this post, we explore the different scenarios of a car accident case and how they affect you.

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Usually, the plaintiff’s attorney will file a claim with your insurance company. They will provide documents or statements that show their client was injured due to your negligence. Both parties will then begin negotiations on the settlement amount.

If your insurer believes the evidence is compelling, they will propose a settlement amount. They might turn in a lower amount if they think the proof is week. Next, the plaintiff’s attorneys will either accept or decline the offer. Negotiations may continue until the two parties reach an agreement.

Should they fail to agree, your case will go to trial. This could very easily go south for you as the judge now has the sole mandate to decide the settlement amount. Once he/she passes a judgment in court, you cannot negotiate it. You also cannot fail to meet the demands made.

In light of this, it is advisable that you try to settle your case out of court.


When you are liable for damages in a car accident case, you probably won’t have to pay for anything out-of-pocket. The duty usually falls to your insurance company. Any bills you should cover such as medical costs and property damage will be deducted from your auto insurance policy.

That said, your auto policy only covers damages to a specific limit. Your insurer will often try to maintain their offer amount within this limit. However, should your case go to trial, the plaintiff could sue for more than is provided in your cover.

This means that you would have to pay the excess costs out-of-pocket. Depending on the plaintiffs ask amount, you could be set back thousands of dollars. You might even fall into debt.


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